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Software crafted for LBM dealers

Spruce EDI Integrations

Spruce supports EDI communications with most major wholesalers and co-ops

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Spruce lumberyard software offers EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration with many industry wholesalers and co-ops. EDI lets you securely and reliably place orders with these companies. In many cases, it also lets you receive remittance advice, invoices, price updates, catalog updates, item images and more. Dealers find that using EDI increases productivity and results in fewer expensive, time-consuming errors.

Spruce is set up for growth

Read about Midwest Lumber’s success in growing their business using Spruce™ software.

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Spruce keeps Liberty Cedar running profitably

Liberty Cedar chose Spruce lumber and building material software so they'd always have current technology to keep their business running at peak efficiency and at a profit.

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User-friendly Spruce helps Requarth Co. compete

Requarth Co. needed a strong lumber and building materials software solution to help them compete in the face of stiff competition. Learn how Spruce keeps them technologically current and how the software has allowed the company to expand.

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