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Software crafted for LBM dealers

I can manage all aspects of the business using just one software product—Spruce.

General Manager

Using the Spruce lumberyard management software, I can focus on helping to grow the business, not running software

I've got customers to serve and employees to manage; Spruce helps me do both with tools like:

  • Inventory tracking and management
  • Workflow processes
  • Document management system for easy access to contracts, orders, etc.

I’m making better business decisions, based on real-time data. I can track orders from the initial transaction to the finished order. I know where everything is at all times, with no information getting lost in the process. I have complete oversight of our workflow so that our business can work smarter.

Spruce lumberyard management software simplified my job and my day is now a lot less stressful. Instead of wasting time putting out fires and figuring out glitches in our operations, I have time to trim the fat in our spending and find ways to improve our business practices. I’m doing more of what I do best. We've always been pretty successful, but we’re a much more efficient operation now.

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Spruce ties it all together for Davis-Hawn Lumber

Spruce is easy to implement and to use. Watch the Davis-Hawn video series to learn more.

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