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Software crafted for LBM dealers

Spruce Software Features

Lumberyard and building materials business management software

Transform the way you work with SpruceTM software

Our flagship lumberyard software integrates and streamlines every component of your workflow to make you more competitive in an industry dominated by large corporations. The modules, including inventory, purchasing and receiving, point-of-sale, and accounting are interconnected in one easy-to-use business management system.

Simple Design Image

Simple to use

Spruce lumberyard computer software is designed using a familiar Windows® interface, which enables new users to the system to pick it up quickly. The software consists of four cornerstones: Application Folders, Attachments, Dynamic Reports and Built-In Document Management. These cornerstones create simple navigation, intuitive dashboards and an interconnected document management structure that help you analyze your operations, make more informed business decisions, communicate with vendors electronically and access business data quickly. Spruce’s simple design allows you to focus less on running your software and more growing your business.

Powerful functionality

Powerful Functionality ImageThe lumberyard management software is natural and easy to use because it mirrors your workflow, from customer service to inventory and shipments. Spruce provides you with real-time information about customer histories, transactions, margins, inventory, deliveries and cash flow. With it, you can analyze data by store location, salesperson, customer or product. Because all of your critical information is contained within one business management system, there is no need to manually integrate data between accounting and business software.

As a document-based system, every action generates a PDF document that is automatically saved for easy access. This eliminates time spent retrieving physical files as well as the costs of paper, printing toner, and postage. When you link Spruce LBM software with the ProLink™ application your customers can also view any requested documents digitally, saving everyone involved more time and money.

Essential functions allow you to

  • View company sales by branch
  • View documents and capture signatures
  • Go paperless to reduce waste and costs
  • Enter inventory and perform inquiries
  • Create a “live” customer order
  • Track transactions and check delivery status
  • Conduct purchasing and receiving activities
  • Batch items for cost-effective delivery
  • Email or fax documents, statements and invoices
  • Create detailed, dynamic reports
  • Automatically link all related transactions and documents
  • Work in a cloud-based environment with 24/7/365 access from anywhere

A cost-effective, secure cloud-based business management system

Driving your business forward shouldn’t set back your wallet. With cloud-based, competitively priced Spruce software for lumberyards, your start-up and maintenance costs are minimal. There is no need to invest in expensive servers or IT personnel to maintain and secure them. Our team has decades of experience and we are committed to keeping your system running efficiently and securely, at all times.


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